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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Application and hair care

  • Are the products suitable for all skin and hair types?

    Our products are suitable for all skin and hair types, because we use only harmless ingredients.

  • Which problems can ALOYAY products help with?

    Our Aloe Based Shampoos improve the combability of the hair thanks to the Multi-Moist formula, they protect coloured hair from fading, reduce hair breakage and have an anti-frizz effect. The Aloe Vera base provides the hair with the best possible moisture and the Marula oil provides a perfect and healthy shine without greasing thanks to its many antioxidants.

  • When do I notice the first visible changes in my hair?

    This can vary depending on the preloading of the hair structure by silicones or other substances.

    It can take up to 5 hair washes before the shampoo develops its full effect. Hair that has not been previously stressed by other shampoos containing silicones, parabens and sulfates will show its full effect after the first shampooing.

    Free your hair with our shampoos from all old burdens and enjoy the feeling of naturally healthy shine.

  • How is the foam of the shampoo?

    The shampoo is fine foaming and is absorbed directly into the hair. Basically, the shampoo is so rich in organic aloe vera that even a smaller amount can be sufficient for washing the hair. With appropriate dosage the shampoo foams finely and densely.

  • What is the shelf life of your products?

    Our products have an opened durability of 12 months.

    On each product packaging you will also find a picture of the PAO symbol. This indicates how long a product can be kept after opening.

  • Are the ALOYAY products natural?

    Ingredients and effects

    Are the ALOYAY products natural?

    We create certifiable natural cosmetic products on a highly concentrated organic aloe vera basis. Our products are manufactured in accordance with the highest standards in the natural cosmetics industry, thus ensuring that our products contain only the best nature has to offer.

  • Why do you use organic aloe vera as the base of your products?

    The Aloe Vera plant is considered the "plant of eternal youth" and stands for beauty from the outside and inside. Aloe Vera gives your hair maximum moisture and provides an ideal source of regeneration for every hair structure. The care of the organic Aloe Vera base makes your hair stronger and more voluminous in the long term. In addition, it supplies a multitude of important vitamins, minerals and enzymes, which gently remove toxins and silicones from your hair from the very first application.

  • Are the ALOYAY products 100% vegan?

    Yes, we manufacture our products in natural cosmetics quality and ensure that our products are vegan and produced without any animal testing.

  • Do your products contain microplastics, sulphates or silicones?

    We only use recommendable ingredients and consistently avoid the following ingredients in all ALOYAY products: microplastics, mineral oils, parabens, silicones, sulphates, phthalates and PEGs.

  • How can I redeem a voucher code?

    You can simply enter your voucher code at the end of the checkout process at the top of the checkout page. The box for entering the voucher code is located at the checkout directly below your selected products.

  • What payment methods do you offer?

    You can use the following payment methods in our shop: Klarna, Paypal, AmazonPay, Credit Card and and by Bank Transfer/prepayment.